What qualifications do your staff have?

Ari and Dagmar are certified in behaviour and training through Olympus K9, and are continuously attending seminars and courses within the industry. They are also active members in the dog sport community—-if they can train high drive dogs for competition, they can help train all temperaments of dogs! And finally they are also members of PIJAC and IACP, Professional Industry Associations who are governing bodies that help set an expectation on how they conduct themselves as professionals in the field.

In an industry where anyone can call themselves an expert, we continue to strive for as much qualification for our pack as we can. This goes beyond “Passion” for us, it’s our every day for life. So each of our crew members are hand picked, and each one is directly trained by us in everything from safe pack play management, to dog behaviour and body language training. This isn’t a one weekend sort of thing., either. Our staff are always upgrading and training with us, because dog knowledge is forever evolving, so the learning never ends. One of the things we love most about what we do: we are eternal students!

-Ari and Dag

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